DAV Public School, Sector-16

RSP, Rourkela Industrial Township,Rourkela, Sundargarh, Oodisha - 769003

Principal’s Message  


When the vision is one year cultivate “flowers”

When the vision is Ten years cultivate “Trees”

When the vision is eternity cultivate “students”


Dear Parents,

I express my  hearty gratitude  to parents for their whole hearted co-operation to proceed in the path of aforesaid quote. I feel greatly privileged in being associated with such a nobel profession. At the threshold of the academic session, I feel no one knows what a person can do till he/she tries. Education is the kindling of flame not the filling of a vessel. We are living in an age which is witnessing sweeping changes in all fields of life. Mass media is playing a predominating role in forming our values. It is very important to counteract the negative influence of these purveyons, because values cannot be taught. They need to be imbibed.

Being the part of the DAV institution we have always tried not to forget to educate the hearts, while educating the minds of  our youth. We need strength while doing the possible but we need faith while doing the impossible. With this faith of yours  I would like to move ahead. Sometimes it happens all the right things are not always possible and all the possible things are not always right so together we will try to be true to both our heart as well as mind. So that we never go wrong on the path of our vision.

Our vision is to develop a strong foundation of life skills and character building. So that students are equipped to face any moral dilemma.

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DAV Public School, Sector-16
RSP, Rourkela Industrial Township,
Rourkela, Sundargarh, Odisha-769003
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